Any downloading, printing or any other method of electronic transmitting of images or text without permission in writing from the artist, Michel Tuffery is prohibited. Any original work or object created by an artist is automatically copyrighted. Copyright protects an original artwork and text from being copied without permission of the copyright owner. Images and text published on this website are subject to legal copyright conditions. Copyright is held by the copyright owner which may be either an individual artist and/or writer.

How to Obtain Copyright Clearance

To apply for copyright permission, please contact the artist, Michel Tuffery stating why you wish to reproduce and the exact way you propose to use the image or text. If permission is granted, a reproduction fee may be charged by the artist.  For further enquiry: enquiries(at)

Conditions of Reproduction

Any image and/or text should be accompanied by a citation giving details of the artwork, including the artist’s and/or author's name i.e. Michel Tuffery should be acknowledged as the source of the image. The integrity of the image must be maintained. It must be reproduced in full without any cropping or electronic manipulation.

Moral Copyright

The artist, Michel Tuffery holds the moral right to be identified as the maker of a work and to object to false attribution or derogatory treatment of their work. (The Copyright Act, 1994, Section 7.1.3)

Copyright Exemptions

Research and Private Study: Making a copy of a work for research and private study purposes does not infringe copyright. However only one copy of any work may be made. (Copyright Act 1994, Section 43). For further enquiry: enquiries(at)

Copyright Expiry: The artist’s copyright expires fifty years after the artist’s death. Artworks no longer covered by copyright may be reproduced but in these instances we request that the artist’s moral copyright is upheld.