Donkey Mill Art Centre, Workshops, Exhibition

Holualoa, Hawaii Islands, United States
March 2023

Mai Ka Maka ʻIke: Visualizing Identity Through (Re)presentation Exhibition

Participating artists: Michel Tuffery, Joey Heinen, Annemarie Paikai, Tarisi Vunidilo, moderated by Halena Kapuni-Reynolds

Opening night of Mai Ka Pōuli exhibition here at the Donkey Mill Art Center in Kona, Hawaii.

Just a little peek into the exhibition opening.

Huge respect to Mina, the curator of this amazing exhibition, who also organised artist Joey from LACMA Los Angeles County Museum of Art (they housed the photographic collection).

I’m here for another week as part of my residency at the Donkey Mill Art Center.

Fishing Practices in the Kona Community

For the last few days I have been spending time in Kona community interviewing and talking about old fishing practices, loss of space, and rights to fishing rituals.

It was huge honour to sit down with Uncle Chucky and akoni to listen their grievances about narrative where he was removed from.

He lived in Kealakekua Bay State Historical Park (where, hmmmm, Captain Cookie meet his fate); so important for me to hear the narrative from their side of story.

Today we will be up at Donkey Mill Arts Center at 10am for a panel discussion about the Lacma Photography collection from Pacific Islands and different responses it should be interesting as exhibition at present is about connection and responses, again I am learning!

Planting Taro at the la kaiaulu community garden

I had the privilege to plant mala kalo ‘taro’ Kim and kekoa kaho’onei at the la kaiaulu community garden.

They asked me: who you think you have today that you will bring to the garden? I was thinking of my grandmothers and granddad who grew taro outside their state house in Porirua.

Huge respect for sharing their knowledge and history in area of restoration work of the original Taro and Kumara Plantations and all the different species of taro.

Part of my response to my Artist residency program here at Donkey Mill was to line up responses to some of the art works I have in the exhibition. One of the photographs in that lineup with the photograph I selected from Lacma collection which is part of my process.

Today feel very privileged, fa’afetai lava Mina, Ed and the other volunteers for another awesome day! I am still learning!

Ke Kula Workshop: Fostering Creativity in Tamariki

2.5 day workshop with the Tamariki from Ke Kula o ‘Ehunuikamalina’ school: They’re pretty quiet on the first day because they’re pretty focused but the next day they just went a Hundy.

I took them through the basic exercises of cutting and carving, then the alphabet letters. Then overnight a beautiful surprise! They responded to the exercises that I put in place, the last image was a cross between using iPad.

Images supplied from Lacma Collection just one and combining all the moves that I taught them over the two days—amazing!

I think I’m pretty stoked, I love teaching!

I liked to the thank the school and Krista Johnson and alapa’i Kailua the teachers, Donkey Mill staff for providing the kaikai that keep us going; Mina and Miho the print technician, with their assistance with students to get our mahi done ✔️ and Hunter the printer who turned up out of the blue to print, and uncle Chuck for your feedback, again sharing my mahi from an indigenous teacher’s point-of-view: mixing up with the Te Reo.

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Donkey Mill Art Centre, Workshops, Exhibition

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