Kings College Residency and Art Sale – October 2016


Kings College Artist in Residence
10-14 October 2016

My longstanding association with Kings College began in 2004, where I’ve returned annually to undertake a yearly artist in residence. I’ve tracked the success of many students and equally I’ve seeded many concepts for bodies of work such as ‘Transforma’. I was honoured to be commissioned by Kings College Old Boys Association to design two stained glass windows for the college’s Memorial chapel, itself designed by an old boy. Of heritage status 1, to contribute to the new history of this building as restoration work taking place during 2012/13 is a incredibly special one for me.

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Select hero pic, 3 min – exh and hero pic and 3 images from residency sent by Leah and Heidi.

About Michel Tuffery Artist

Kings College Fine Art Sale
4-6 Novemeber 2016

The dynamo Friends of Kings College, set the lead on establishing their annual art sale way back in early 2000, it’s now become a key art event for Auckland and valuable fundraiser for the school, which I’ve always supported. The 2016 Fine Art Sale was held in November and featured two paintings, which both sold and a selection of bronzes from my Reading Middens, Tracing Lines series.

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